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Solar Lux (R) Light Catcher

A New Solar Power Generator Enhancement

The Solar Lux(R) Light Catcher will DRASTICALLY enhance solar panel efficiency obsolescing coal and oil power plants!

Light from the sun can be caught by an enormous, relative to the diode matrix, lattice of hexagonal chrome mirrored light directors. Each light director forms a linear hexagonal conical funnel into a hexagonal matrix or spindle of fiber optic channels that directs the light into a 1 fiber optic channel wide array. This array, positioned along the length of a prism, sends the light into a prism, 1 of an array for the enormous mirrored light directors. The prism splits the light into different colors each landing on the respective light receiving diode variance or gradation.

This variance in solar diode receiving frequency is attained with a light catching region of varied amounts of matter doped into said region across a distance to enable different ideal photon absorption frequencies across said distance according to the matter doping variance.

The large diode matrix translates the light into electricity and heat. The excess heat is channeled through water pipes until it can boil the water and push a steam turbine that acts in supplement to the diode matrix.

See: Solar Lux for patent information

Please contact me about contracting this insanely innovative invention at or (703) 402-4375. Global Warming is an issue that CANNOT wait!

-AllA Erawa Viacad

Solar Lux Light Catcher, Prism Splitter

Solar Lux Light Catcher

My name is AllA Erawa Viacad and I have invented a new solar power generator based on prism splitting of sunlight on a solar diode. I have patented Solar Lux(R) and will soon be contracting this invention with Sony and Dominion Power.

The Solar Lux system starts by using a matrix of light catching mirrored conical receivers to collect light that bounces back and forth between the walls of each cell to be collected by a fiber optic line. All of the fiber optic lines will be spindled down to a matrix of varyated solar cells. The matrix of receivers will be pointed towards the sun by a mechanical device that acts like a telescope orienter.

The fibers in the spindle will split off into a line that goes along a prism. The prism will separate the light by color from UV to infrared. This is where the innovation occurs: the solar cells are designed to be optimized for each color of the light that is separated by the prisms. In other words each specialized color cell will be put directly under the light that is split by the prism. Since prisms split light uniformly if they have a uniform angle each color will land on each individually specialized solar cell. Also the system is dramatically more efficient due to the fact that the light catchers can be huge relative to the varyated solar diodes. A steam turbine will enhance power efficiency and at the same time heat sync the solar cells.

In short coal and oil power plants are now obsolete because a huge directed matrix of mirrored directs light through fiber optic channels to prisms which split light on varyated solar diodes!


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